SZ Consulting – Financial Services


We provide comprehensive advice based on sound judgement, taking account of your financial possibilities – regardless of your existing banking relations.
Based on your fundamental requirements, current living situation and individual objectives, we work with you as the private customer to devise the ideal investment strategy for you and your preferred level of risk-taking.
We draw on our network of selected specialists and work in partnership with you as an institution representative, undertaking risk management of the capital in accordance with the investment principles and regulatory requirements in place.

Our methodology and various investment tools will be presented to you in a clear and comprehensible manner. We apply active portfolio management and ongoing monitoring to safeguard your investment assets and deliver measurable results.

Our independence and personal dedication enable us adopt an impartial and unreserved approach to your concerns and to devise and implement tailor-made solutions for you.

We therefore provide you with the security and peace of mind you need to focus on your core concerns.