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Wealth Management

Investing money is a matter of trust. Asset management is our core competence. You can trust us: We have over 25 years of experience in the investment business and are distinguished by the FINMA licence quality label.

Your needs are at the centre of our asset management. We work with you to determine your personal investor profile and define your investment strategy. Your investment strategy will depend on your personal situation, your preferences and your investment horizon.

Our portfolios are focussed on quality stocks. Our defensive orientation reduces fluctuations in value. Depending on the strategy chosen, the aim is to preserve assets after inflation with regular distributions or to achieve capital growth.

We offer two asset management mandates: the SZ Classic Asset Management Mandate and the SZ ETF-Select Asset Management Mandate.

SZ Classic wealth management mandate

The Classic asset management mandate is our classic asset management mandate. When implementing the investment strategy, you can set priorities according to your interests. The possibilities are (almost) limitless. The portfolio is generally constructed using individual securities. This allows you to maintain an overview of your investments at all times. The SZ Classic asset management mandate is as individual as you are and is suitable for investment assets of CHF 250,000 or more. There are six strategies to choose from: Income, Yield, Yield+, Balanced, Growth and Equities. The possible reference currencies are CHF, EUR and USD.

You can find further information in our Onepager Vermögensverwaltung Classic.

SZ ETF-Select wealth management mandate

The ETF Select asset management mandate is our investment solution for assets of up to CHF 250,000. You can prioritise the implementation of your investment strategy according to your interests. In addition to the basic building blocks, you can choose two out of five investment themes. The portfolio is constructed using low-cost ETFs. This saves costs and offers the advantage that you have an overview of your investments. The SZ ETF-Select asset management mandate takes your interests into account. You can choose from four strategies with CHF as the reference currency: yield, balanced, growth and equities.

You can find further information in our Onepager ETF select.